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Application Template

Post  Digital on Wed Dec 26, 2012 3:01 pm

Hello! I see you are interested in joining Morpheus! You chose wisely. To join you are going to need to sign up, and then make a new thread with this template. You are going to have to be DETAILED as possible or you may be denied. Thank you for choosing us.
-Digital Prediction

Do you play alot:
Do you have a mic:
Favorite RP job:
Why do you want to join the family:
Willing to change your RP name:

What you can get from other family members:
No mugging family members
No raiding family members
No ratting out family members to police
Discounts in stores (If store owner is in the family)
No trolling family members
And if your a cop and you have to raid a family members home, try to stay out of it

If you mug, raid, ratt, troll, etc. another clan member and if its reported to me YOU WILL GET KICKED

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